Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sick Day

I'm home sick. I'm bored. I feel too rotten to actually do anything.

When I have free time, I write. Granted, sometimes 'writing' really consists of me grousing while trying to sort out the latest mess I've made of a plot and the hapless characters stuck in it. For instance, I have this unhappy dude who is suspected of murder traipsing off to an adventure and thought 'easy peasy this plot writes itself'.

Ho ho! says my plot. Take this! And I have a sudden dump of too many characters... I mean, it looks like the Alewives in Lake Michigan during a red tide. All writhing around bitching and complaining. I know what I have to do. But I'm sick and just the idea of rolling up my sleeves and sorting this mess is like asking a sick person to wash the three days of dishes that stacked up when the washer broke. Did that metaphor turn into a snake in my hands? Yes it did.

Like I said, I'm sick.

Snakes and dead fish. What the heck?

So... I opened Kindle and read a bit. This would be good except of course my eyes are burning and my muscles ache and I can't concentrate. I finished 'Soulless' which is the vampire book Jane Austen never wrote. (that's a good thing) but I read it while reading 'The Border Lords' which is a book Miss Austen would have probably had the gardener take out and burn. Not because it is bad but because it is intensely violent.

How did I get from dead fish to drug cartels? Well, it seemed like a logical progression a few minutes ago. I think my fever is going up again.

You know how when you're sick after day three or so you run out of Kleenex and opt for the roll of Charmin? But my roll of tp has toppled off the bed and disappeared and the maid seems to have taken the day off. I need lemon tea! I need a cold compress! Wait, what era am I in?

Back to the book. How is it I've written fifty thousand words and only five thousand of them are any good? How does that happen? This would have never happened to Jane who, I understand, wrote in ink pen on paper.

Now my head hurts, my nose is both stuffy and uncomfortable, I'm itchy and irritable and I can't write worth a damn. Jane would call me Pathetic.

Where is that frickin' maid?


  1. Yikes! I hope you feel much better very soon. :) Definitely give yourself a break on the writing. I'm sure it's going to sort itself out when you're feeling better. Hmmm, The Border Lords? I'm falling behind on that series. I'd read Iron River last year and hadn't known the new one was out!

  2. The Border Lords is my introduction to T. Jefferson Parker, so I'm in the first blush of love and can't get enough of him. I hear the voice in my head when I'm NOT reading. A little disturbing when one is feverish because I'm getting paranoid and think that the construction workers outside are talking about shooting me...

    I know I should set the writing aside but I get so few opportunities to write, it seems a waste of time. Probably one of the reasons I'm so irritable. Stoopid extraneous characters. I just want to kill them all...


    : )

  3. Hope you start feeling better soon. Hmm. Maybe you should start a random and completely silly short story instead, just to amuse yourself while you're sick...

  4. AM, you have so much T Jefferson Parker to look forward to! I recommend Silent Joe, The Fallen, and especially California Girl. I just loved that one.

    I've read about eight of his novels. Some are better than others, and the Charlie Hood series is not one of my all-time favorites of his. But all of his books have something to offer -- and I love his impressions of California and Mexico. Such a detailed sense of time and place ...

  5. Yes, I love his California and Mexico. No google derived stereotypical landscapes here! I do like action adventure with a touch of surrealism, but I'm getting impatient with what I believe is the 'punch line' of this one. Of course my impatience is in part due to my headache and running nose and general crankiness.

    Now I'm reading The Border Lords, and watching Ice Hockey and Ellen at the same time. Keep dozing off so it's all kind of blurred together like a weird dream.

    Kindle has all of his books available in mere seconds. So cool.

  6. It's very cool. Ebook purchases at the speed of thought. :)