Monday, February 13, 2012

What politician's know about the voting public.

I watch the news while working out. I usually have music on my digital device feeding motivational sound into both ears, so I watch superimposed online text of the dialogue between the newscasters and their interviewees.

Like a certain politician who shall not be named but whose initials are RS.

I can clearly see the semi-sentences... words just dropped there without noun or verb. Emotionally charged words that have no logical connection to the rest of his sentences. Like 'government forcing us to do what we find morally reprehensible' 'first amendment' 'religious rights'. He is not actually talking about something that abridges these rights or forces anyone to do anything, but he is implying it in a mass of gibberish that is merely impressive sound around those key emotional phrases. When you see it all typed out it is very clear. It's how Miss America contestants are trained to answer those questions about 'world peace'.

But this guy is running for President of the United States! He obviously only wants one thing. To beat the man in office and get his own rich friends back in power. Clearly, that is his only platform. The gibberish he is speaking is not a platform. It has as much substance as jello. So, how the hell do people fall for that crap? You know?

So I looked up 'average intelligence in America' on the internet. Oh, yes I did go there. And I found the following interesting info:

The average IQ is, by definition, 100. To get an idea what this means, someone with an IQ of 80 or below is considered to be marginally able to cope with the adult world. People with IQ's of 80 or below typically work as unskilled laborers such as lawn maintenance and trash pickup. They generally need help from friends or family to manage life's complications. About 10% of the population has an IQ of 80 or below.
People with IQ's of 80-90 are a little on the slow side but may be found in fast-food restaurants, day-care centers, etc. They may also be found in unskilled jobs. About 16% of the population has IQ's in this range.
People with IQ's of 90-110 generally occupy semi-skilled positions, including typists, receptionists, assembly line workers, and checkout clerks. They are able to keep up with the world, and comprise about 46% of the public.
People with IQ's in the 110 to 120 range fill the skilled trades and include some tool and die makers, teachers, and Ph. D.'s among their ranks. They also make up 16% of the population.
People with IQ's of 120 and above tend to staff the professions as doctors, dentists, lawyers, teachers, and college professors. They fall in the upper 10% of the population.

Note that, if you do the math, there are more than fifty percent of our adult population with IQ's 'able to keep up with the world' at best. If you talk really fast and use a lot of big words you can fool those people.

This is what politicians know. This is what the 1% know. They know how to make the sheep go baaa and walk into the pens.

I'm worried.

If you want to read more about intelligence and all of the statistics about the statistics, go here:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Time is on our side, but still it's nice

I'm sure you've heard, the courts overturned Prop 8 here in California today:

A cheer travelled down the hallways of the studio as the info came through on tweets, facebook and good ol' fashioned email. The thing is, most people with more than half a brain and/or half a heart already think you should be able to love who you love and take care of them under the law with your social security or health insurance. We all know future generations will look back and shake their heads in disbelief that ANYONE in our era thought gay and bisexual relationships should be stigmatized.

My theory is that it's all about DNA. Some people fear the coming tide because they feel in their gut that their genetic material will be selected out as inferior or just plain evil. Call me elitist. I don't care.

This will be challenged and challenged and then, one day, everyone will just wonder why anyone even questions the rights of individuals who only want to love each other.