Sunday, June 14, 2009


Still in the process of re-building and re-structuring. You should have arrived here through my newly re-built website:

I've created a new site to host the book trailers I'm making. It is accessible through the link here, on my site, facebook and myspace. Or you can travel directly there:

Where you can see the new book trailers for Rick R Reed's "BASHED A Love Story" and PA Brown's "L.A. Heat" and "Geography of Murder"

"Immortality is the Suck" a new vampire, soon to be series, is in edits at Loose ID. I'll have an excerpt or two up in the near future.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun with Photoshop

I've spent the day playing with images for the new website, and creating graphics for my friends, although I should have been finishing the latest vampire/suspense book. The {above} is the result. Very much still a WIP.

The new book is tentatively titled "Immortality is the Suck", and here is the current blurb:

The high point of Adam Bertoni's career in the LAPD were those five years he'd partnered with his friend, Peter, in Homicide. But then Peter's career took off, and Adam found a calling in Vice, working undercover. One thing led to another, until pretty soon Adam was dealing, stealing and pretty much circling the drain. And then somebody bit him.

Adam doesn't know which ticks him off more, that somebody killed him, or that he woke up undead.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Welcome to my blog. If you've received an invitation via myspace or livejournal, this is the blog of author AM Riley.

I write crime fiction, suspense and paranormal books for fun and profit.

My website is

I am currently having the site refurbished, so there may be periodic issues there until May or thereabouts. Please subscribe for further updates.