Monday, March 14, 2011

Back Amongst the Living

Frightening things happened to the world while I was safe in my downy white bed. I was watching the sunrise and the finches hopping around in the palm tree outside and thinking that if it weren't for the internet, and the media, I'd never know about the horrible events in Japan. And isn't it strange to think that there was a time when a woman walking the Mil Potrero Highway in California would have NO IDEA what might be happening in other parts of the world?

Today at work I realized that there is an illumination problem in my room. I've thought it was my glasses, and then my contacts, and then just my dreamy lazy brain, but after spending several days in a properly illuminated bedroom I realize that there is something wrong with my office. I can't see anything in here!

I don't want to turn on the flourescent lights because they give me a headache. Maybe I need some new bulbs for my desk lamp. Are there better kinds of light for computer work?


  1. Alas, I have no clue about lighting... But I'm glad you're feeling better!

    And yeah, what a rough week it's been, particular for Japan. :(

  2. I see that they are losing the battle to contain the radiation. God, those poor people.

  3. Glad to see you are feeling better!
    We have fluorescent ceiling mounted at work,but every other fixture is off because we do CAD at work and it would be too much glare. I'm sure I have seen better lighting bulbs at Home Depot, at home I like the 250 watt bulbs for reading!

    The brighter the better!

    Trying to keep up with the news from Japan, but it seems to go from bad to worse....

  4. I've been working with the fluorescents on, but I've also given up on my contacts. I'm going to get some of those super bright halogens this weekend and see if that helps.

    Tomorrow, the leading edge of radiation is supposed to come to California.