Monday, October 29, 2012

101 ways to procrastinate

Last weekend, I finished painting and unpacking my office.  The desk faces a window which, now, shows me a patio with sculptures and azaleas.  No more excuses, I was going to finally sit down and finish 'If Not for You' this weekend.

But I let myself get distracted again.  I tried to 'save money' by re-purposing the old sprinkler system valves to go from the main water line to the old sprinkler system.  None of these were properly rigged to begin with and my messing around with them was the last straw.  'POP' went a few joints and water sprayed everywhere until I turned off the main valve.  Now I have no water and had to use the studio gym to shower this morning.

In retrospect, I know I did this on purpose on some deep subconscious level.  I can FEEL that I didn't want to sit at that desk, open the laptop, and deal with those odious story issues at the place I left off in the book.  Now I have a serious problem that will cost money to fix and be yet another really good excuse to delay finishing the book.  This has got to stop.

And the epiphany I had this weekend was this:  If I wait until everything in the house is exactly as I want it to read, play with my friends and, yes, write, I will NEVER do any of the above. 

So I vow to you all and to myself:  For the next three weeks I am going to open the book to the iffy chapters and fix the problems.  I am going to soldier through this damned thing one way or another so that it's finished before the end of the year.  The popcorn on the ceilings, the brown patches in the lawn, the weird plumbing issues and even the rust in the old sinks is going to have to wait.