Friday, October 21, 2011

still sick

I thought I was getting over it, but last night was all fever and dreams about wolves and dragons. Today, I'm too weak to walk downstairs.

I'm working on Elf stories this week. I have three and in each, the nature of the elves is slightly different. I wonder what you all think of Elves. Are they good? Evil? Neither? Are they the souls of the dead who pay tithe to the devil or just the 'little people' from the 'old race' forced underground by modern technology?

With a fever and the weird tilt it puts on everything, I think elves are a little naughty and little bored and love the taste of burnt sugar. What do you think?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why does Google want my phone number?

Okay, I'm sick. I get these bugs that don't really cause any symptoms but a low grade fever, around 102. Funny thoughts happen inside my heated brain. I start to see things clearly. The fever seems to clear out a lot of the underbrush, like a fire in the Los Angeles mountains.


Or maybe I'm hallucinating and paranoid.

I can't stay home sick more than the one day I took so I'm dealing with the entire studio thing while walking around with my brain on fire. And, of course, a coworker chose this week to come unglued and have a psychotic break right in my face.

Another coworker, a kind and sensitive soul, stops by my office. Takes a look at my face. Comes in and says, "are you okay?"

NO. I'm not okay.

When I log into Google, I get a page that requests my mobile number. Seriously? I Maneuvered around that and remembered that my daughter told me the last time she typed my REAL name into the White Pages she got all of our personal info. Including our REAL physical address. I see people are yelling and screaming at each other online again, hitting each other's facebook pages and accusations are flying around and I'm starting to think that the entire planet has a brain fever.

I don't feel safe anywhere anymore.

I'm going to go drink some Orange juice and listen to meditation tapes and try not to imagine my coworker showing up with a weapon one day...