Friday, March 11, 2011

Home Sick - Day Three and Cranky

Whine #1: It is completely unfair to introduce supernatural elements at the end of an action adventure and not explain why. I'm fairly miffed with T. Jefferson Parker at the moment.
Whine #2: Despite my best efforts, I dribbled RED #28 dyed cough syrup onto my white coverlet. I hope there's a way to get it out.
Whine #3: There's a person outside loudly contructing or deconstructing something. I want to drop heavy objects onto him to make him STOP.
Whine #4: Everything tastes like soap.
Whine #5: I don't particularly care for first person narrative. Yeah yeah I know. I shouldn't complain since I've written first person narrative, but it's like listening to someone who can't shut up talk about themselves for 300 pages.
Whine #6: The bottoms of my feet itch. But I'm super ticklish so I can't scratch them. But they itch.
Whine #7: I've watched all of my DVD's.


  1. Oh dear! Someone needs tea and sympathy :).

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Except no one will come near me because I'm cranky. ::throws pillow::

  3. Suddenly I'm quite thankful that there's a whole continent and ocean between us :).

  4. Grrrrr.
    Whine #8: My hair is dirty and I want to wash it.
    Whine #9: The deconstuction outside now has a bandsaw squealing through something.
    Whine #10: Why won't anyone come in here and talk to me? :( I'm sad. I'm bored. My feet itch. My nose hurts.
    :( Poor me.

  5. OMG, worst cold ever (not that any colds are really all that positive). Sleep, lots of sleep! That will make you feel better.

    T Jefferson Parker introduced some supernatural elements? Into the Charlie Hood series? Whoa, he must be taking a new direction .. oh, wait a second, he has a character who might be the Devil if I'm remembering right from Iron River. Weird stuff!

  6. Yes, I guess he is the Devil, but wut the heck his purpose was in doing what he did? We don't know. A lot of pain and suffering for no apparent reason. It's very annoying. And at some point he refers to Los Angeles as 'his city'?

    I'm not a good patient. And there has been construction outside my apartment for YEARS. The people next door are always 'improving' their building.

    Today I'm reading Walking the Perfect Square. Thanks so much for the recommendation. I got past the constant back referencing and asides and am into the meat of the story. It's pretty good. I like his method of dialogue tags. Charlie Huston does something similar in his books.

  7. LOL. What I mind is feeling so tired. And it makes me anxious to miss this much work.