Friday, May 21, 2010

Whatever Happened to the Purple Velvet Cake?

This is Buddy. He came with The-Boy-who-sleeps-on-my-sofa. He is adorable and very very tall. He is so tall that when he jumps up he can lick my face, he can jump over five foot coffee tables in one bound, and he can reach the kitchen counters.

So, before I could take a picture of the Purple Velvet Cake (which would have been the Red Velvet Cake except the birthday girl requested purple) Buddy decided to taste some of the strawberry festooned frosting.

Or at least that's the story the other two dogs told me when they came charging upstairs to report that something terribly exciting was happening downstairs. Downstairs, Buddy was in a corner trying to look innocent and like he'd just woken from a nap, the Purple Velvet Cake was frosting side down on the kitchen floor with a broken plate.

Happily we'd already sung the birthday song, done the candles, and made ourselves sick eating half of it. And we did save about a quarter. But it was no longer very photogenic.

It tasted delicious. Thanks for all the recipe advice.


  1. I'm glad you got to eat it before it was destroyed at least!

    And very glad it turned out well.

  2. they came charging upstairs to report that something terribly exciting was happening downstairs.

    Ha, ha! Dogs are too funny. Everything's a big deal for them. And he does look big lab-cross-with-something-else. I'm glad you all got some cake before he decided that he wanted some! :)

  3. We think he's a collie/lab mix. He is very smart, but still very young. I walk all three every morning and the neighborhood grins and calls out to me as I walk by with crazy dogs on either side and a little seven pound thing trailing us.

    I'm glad I can make people smile, but it's like a herd of dogs thundering up and down the stairs, bouncing off the furniture and dancing on their hind legs in the kitchen.

  4. He is very smart Must be the lab part of him because I'm not sure if collies are known for their smarts aside from, I guess, Lassie. (Apologies to collie fans.) And he's young! That means he could get even bigger!

  5. "That means he could get even bigger! "

    oh. god.

  6. Ok FACT: Red Velvet Cake is one of my fav things in the world! Purple sounds even better...

  7. Hi LBG. Purple neon food color (God knows what chemicals are in that) made the cake kind of brownish, but the batter was rocker chick purple, so the birthday girl was happy.

    I think Purple Velvet Cake is Buddy's favorite now. When we went for a walk, he and Benton had purple poop, too. Bonus!!!