Sunday, May 16, 2010

Maybe I should retire now?

I mean after this letter from Val at Obsidian Bookshelf, which honestly moved me to tears, I feel almost like I have nothing more to achieve.

Except for this book sitting in front of me right now. I just have to finish this one and then I'll stop. Maybe.

Thank you, Val. I can't express how much it means to receive fanmail like this.


  1. Wait, no, don't stop writing!!! That would make Val cry, I'm sure of it. Me, too!

    Val does have a way with words. Although I noticed in the comments that Jenre was planning to write to you as her fanmail and now has to select another author.

  2. You're right, Chris! It would totally make me cry!

    A.M., I'm so pleased I got a chance to write this fan letter and give you an idea of how much happiness, fascination, and intrigue your fiction has brought me. Writing can be a remote, lonely thing to do, and even now with the internet, we readers and writers don't often think to communicate with each other (though I think that's getting better with all the blogging going on).

    Sometimes I think the mainstream world, and even the individual writers themselves, may tend not to see the full value of fiction and to view it as mere entertainment, but "mere entertainment" is many times what keeps us readers going through incredibly stressful times in our lives, just knowing that our favorite authors are out there writing the next book, which we can then look forward to reading!

    So I was thrilled I got a chance to write the letter to you though I was 99.9% certain that I was beating Jen to it (which is sort of a cheeky thing to do, I guess, when I consider that she was one of the main reviewers whom I have to thank for introducing me to your fiction!). I wouldn't be surprised if some of the other bloggers had you in mind, and I beat them to it as well.

    One thing I figured out as I was writing the letter is that you're one of the very few authors that has managed to get me to stretch my reading horizons beyond the comfort zone, which leads me to realize that I must be fairly stubborn about stretching those horizons, ha, ha! So you never know about me working more poetry into my reading. It could happen. :)

  3. What a lovely compliment. I think one of my goals is to encourage people to push their boundaries a little bit, so this is very nice to hear. Thank you.

  4. Val is gifted with word and she more or less says alot of what I as a reader would like to say about your work..

    Chris is just cheeky... and an enabler...

    I just want to say Thank you...


  5. Thank you E.H. Chris? I'm shocked. I thought she was so ... I don't know... innocent. :-O

  6. *melodramatic eye rolling*