Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a Playlist for this book I'm writing..

I'm working on a new book. (yes, the sequels to "Son of a Gun", "No Rest for the Wicked", and "Death by Misfortune" are on hold. pleeeez, avert your eyes. I needed to step away)

It's an odd little thing. And I keep seeing "The Green Knight" with the blacklight enhanced production of Mozart's Don Giovanni in my mind while I'm typing. Here's the short list of the music I've got on a loop while I'm writing.

Ain't Talkin' Bout Love
Iron Horse
All I Need
Matchbox Twenty
All Through the Night Cyndi Lauper
Possession Sarah McLachlan
Moondance Van Morrison
Running On Empty Jackson Browne
How Do You Sleep? John Lennon
Can't Fight This Feeling Glee Cast
Death on Two Legs Queen
Survivor Destiny's Child


Mozart's 'Don Giovani'


  1. Pretty eclectic! Dare I ask what type of book it is?

  2. What, are you kidding? I love talking about what I'm writing. It's a giant revenge story. Murder mystery/love story/marijuana grows in the Redwood Forest. I'm a little worried because there is a short dream sequence in it that I think is over the top and chintzy, so I've got to go back and hone it down a bit.

    What happens to people whose hearts don't heal?

  3. Have to add Unstoppable by Rascal Flatts.

    "It'll come and make you whole again... it always is it always does... love is unstoppable."

  4. Wow, cool! What, are you kidding? I love talking about what I'm writing. This is great because I really enjoy hearing about it. A giant revenge story!

    What happens to people whose hearts don't heal?

    Hmmm, they get bitter and gnarly and start taking it out on those who can't help loving them? Good material for a novel. I'm looking forward to it! Keep us posted.

  5. The plot bunnies are busy over there, huh?! :D

  6. there is plot bunnie poop all over my office...

  7. omg omg it rhymes! I laughed so loud I disrupted the sleep of the dog on my lap. Isn't having your quote on a t-shirt significant in terms of life goals and such?

    My plot bunnies are nebulously sexed and oriented and some of them are undead. And speak in iambic pentameter. See? There's another one.

  8. LOL! See how it can get out of control?! ;)

  9. Hi ... my name is Ami, from Indonesia. I just get acquainted with your stories and I love them so much. So may I guess that this means you DO have a sequel for "Son of a Gun"? Because I swear the ending is killing me :(

    And oh, I have never heard of "Death by Misfortune". Is this a new title?

  10. Hi Ami. Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed the books. Yes, Son of a Gun has a sequel called, currently, "The Unmapped Country". I'm sorry for your death by ending, truly. I don't know when the sequel will be out though. :( sorry.

    "Death by Misfortune" should be out this year. I am already working on a sequel, so hopefully there won't be quite as long a break between books.