Saturday, May 29, 2010


I doubt many people are unaware of my hockey obsession. But perhaps you didn't know that I grew up in a hockey family in Chicago. The Chicago Blackhawks haven't been in a Stanley Cup playoff since 1992 (we lost), and we haven't won a Stanley Cup since 1961.

So I'm a little crazy tonight. And hoarse. I'm not taking this damned jersey off until they win.


  1. Not only did I not know you had a hockey obsession, I didn't even know that hockey was a big deal in Chicago. Can I possibly be more ignorant? Ha, ha! My excuse is that I don't really know much about sports (except for boxing), but I'm glad your team is enjoying its victory!

  2. They really better win this year, because if you have to wear that jersey for years and years and years... Oy. ;)

  3. Yes, Val, it is an obsession. I wrote a hockey/vampire m/m romance a while back. I should buff it up and offer it for a few bucks on smashwords, shouldn't I?

    My entire family is insane about hockey. We all played. My father knew the Espositos and Stan Makita and we all worshipped Bobby Hull.

    meh. Hockey stories, don't get me started.

    I have an Anaheim Ducks hat I wore every morning while running until they won the cup. When I washed it, the sweat area was completely bleached.

    Jerseys are made to wick away sweat, thank god. Yuck. The lengths I'll go to to please the hockey gods...

  4. You should totally polish up the hockey/vampire m/m story! Talk about your under-represented market. :)

  5. You should totally polish up the hockey/vampire m/m story!

    I'm with Chris! Don't continue to deprive us! ;)