Monday, May 31, 2010

In honor of GAME 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs

I'm sitting here eating Tums. It's 0/0 in the second and there's no telling which way it's going to go, but I uploaded a tiny (4540 words) little ice hockey/vampire m/m story to Smashwords here.

Now I'm trying to figure out Wikipedia. bleh. Anything to distract me. I've already screamed myself hoarse, scared the dogs and I think my neighbor is staring at me from her bedroom window.


Happy Memorial Day everyone! and LETS GO BLACKHAWKS!!!!


  1. Are you going to survive for the entire series?!?

    Thanks for indulging us! I just bought the book. :)

  2. Whoa, I thought the team had won with that last post, but I guess it's just the beginning, ha, ha! Thanks for that link. I'm greatly looking forward to picking it up as soon as I get through this deadline tomorrow. :)

  3. ARGH!! The Flyers just scored. 2/1 Hawks. I don't know about surviving. We'll see how it goes. Yes, Val, it's best of seven and my head feels like it will burst. My throat is killing me. I've got so much adrenaline in my system, my hands are shaking as I type this. Twelve minutes to go in the third, Hawks up by just one.

    Thanks for buying it! I hope it's a good read.

  4. I loved it! :) And, um, yeah, I've sent the link to a bunch of people already.

  5. Chris knew that I couldn't resist M/M hockey! I'm off to buy it now.


    (Seriously, ignore me. I'm a Canes fan, and they suck.)

  7. The m/m hockey romance market is sadly under served. :D

  8. !!!!!!!!BLACKHAWKS WIN GAME 2!!!!!


    Life is good. I'm going to go hurl now.

    I'm so glad you liked the little story.

    Hey, Eyre, are you INSANE? You must know I'm borderline homicidal at the moment, right? just kidding. I hope you enjoy the story. But, hey, the Canes had a good year. The Hawks haven't won since 1961. : ( It's been the Cubs and the Hawks for me all of my life. So sad.

    Yes, Chris, I am really amazed that there isn't more gay hockey romance out there. I guess it's up to me to write it.

  9. Woot! After, of course, you work on all the sequels you're working on!

    And congrats to your team!

  10. Marion Hossa has bright orange hair and beard, his skin is pink from exertion and excitement and probably a shower (a visual I am enjoying creating in my sick little mind right now) but in that Hawk's red jersey he looks like a cautionary tale on correct wardrobe color coordination...

    I can't stop grinning... Next game is Wednesday.

    Woot indeed.

  11. Wow, it has been. And very nicely. Talk about instantaneous gratification, I'd barely published the story.

    Nick would be so embarrassed. :)