Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why the Broncos lost so badly... one woman's opinion.

Okay, I'd drunk the Tebow Koolaid. I was rooting for the underdogs. Until that awful 'focus on the family' ad that appeared part way through the first half of the playoff game between the Broncos and the Patriots.

Oh, come on, you can't tell me they didn't put that there because Tebow has demonstrated his faith repeatedly on the field. Not that I have issues with his faith. Good for him. Weird that he has to keep doing it. I mean, does he not think God knows how he feels? Hmm. Seems like a mini commercial there to me. But whatever. Good for him.

But that ad really burned me.

And then I was screaming 'kill them'. For the next three quarters. And the Lord Almighty did.

I think God looked down and said, 'I do NOT support those people'. And he smote the Broncos bad.

Of course the Patriots rocked but I think that ad had something to do with it. Denver was holding their own until that ad.

Football lovers '1' Haters '0'


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