Thursday, January 5, 2012

What Genre do you like me to write?

I've written vampire, banshees and vice cops. There's an odd little angel story out there, also. I've written characters and romances for lesbian, gay and het. I don't think of myself as having a 'genre' but I wonder if readers expect a certain sort of book from me?

I ask because I'm currently laboring in my so-called spare time on a contemporary fairy fic. The concern is that readers would be wary of reading elves and the like if I penned it.

What do you think?


  1. Hello AM, I know you're probably surprised as you never seem to get many comments on your blog posts - but hey, I'm out here and I'm always reading your blog - long live lurkers! (OK, that's going to be my new screen name, LLL.)

    Hmmm, a story about elves/fairies? I'm not sure... I'm not saying "no" but isn't it a little overdone? Have ya got a new angle? I'm not saying I can think of one - but are you sure this is - you?

    My favorite book of yours is Amor en Retrogado, it's even a re-read for me, love the backward unfolding of the story and the characters, I thought it was really well-written. Loved Son of a Gun, then Immortality is the Suck and Death by Misfortune. Haven't read No Rest for the Wicked but plan to do so soon.(You know how it is, the TBR is enormous.)

    I like your blog (even when you're sick and feel like shit)& wish you posted more but I know ... you've got a Job + a Life and that's a time suck, for sure! I enjoy all of your writing, voted for you over at JesseWave's and recommend your books often - but I consider you a M/M writer and I think that's your strength, FWIW.

    Looking forward to whatever you produce and will read (& buy it) no matter what - just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your writing and to thank you for the enjoyment/escapism you've provided me.

  2. Hi Peggy,

    Thanks so much for unlurking to answer my question. I wrote an elves/fairies book a thousand years ago called "Of the Clan O'Grady" about a male banshee in New York city. It was my first published book. Its still available on Smashwords, as it happens. It had a sequel called "Curse of the Gianes" which involved the same characters, plus a New York policeman who is cursed with the ability to see the fay. I've been meaning to rewrite that one for some time, but it was also published with Torquere press. This last is the sequel to those others.

    I'm definitely the urban paranormal type of fairy writer. I'm a big fan of Holly Black.

  3. I read ALMOST all of your stories, considering that you're one of my favorite M/M authors. To be honest, I don't peg you to one certain genre, except for being a contemporary author. I do like the flair of urban paranormal, and I do LOVE that genre (M/M or mainstream). So fairy is definitely okay :).

  4. M/m contemporary or romantic suspense! :D Altho I've enjoyed pretty much everything of yours I've read, so just keep doing what you're doing. :)

    Happy New Year!

  5. Thanks for all of your input. Yes, I like urban paranormal. To read and to write. If I can spice up romantic suspense with a paranormal element I'm just the happiest little person tapping away at her laptop at three in the morning.

    I've heard that many authors have different pen names for their different genres, but I just don't quite understand. I like to follow an author from genre to genre. It interests me. And if its an author I like, I generally find that I like all of the works of that author.

    Okay, moving forward then with the fae in L.A. ...

  6. Yup, if it's an author I like, I will follow them around no matter what genre :) Feel free to write whatever you want!

    (PS Patiently waiting for you to re-publish "Curse of the Gianes")

  7. Really? Curse of the Gianes should have been so much longer than it was. I've been wanting to dive back into it for ages. If I could figure out the smashwords/kindle relationship thing...

    The current urban fairy story leapt out from the CotG and Of the Clan O'Grady. This time the fairies are on the West Coast.

    So sweet. Thank you. I WILL write in this genre at least this one book I'm working on now. I think its fun and I was hoping some readers might like it.

  8. Gianes is on my wishlist - I'm waiting for your to rerelease it, too!

  9. I've enjoyed every story of yours I've read, you're one of my "must by" authors so I will follow no matter what genre you write in. Tho I gotta admit I love your m/m and hope you will continue to write those also.
    I'm not familiar with "Of the Clan O'Grady" so I'll have to check that one out.