Thursday, January 12, 2012

Should I try to self-publish Kindle books on Amazon?

It looks so easy.

It has always seemed irresistibly magical to me, when something that was once difficult suddenly becomes easy. I can't keep my hands off it. For instance: Thai food. There was a time when I had to drive all the way into the city for Thai food. I lived in the boonies of Chicago suburbs and the most exotic food one could find locally was Taco Bell. So when I moved to Los Angeles and Thai food was abundant and available for delivery I could not stop ordering it. Until I od'd on msg one Saturday night and was cured of the craving.

I've got a Kindle. Because I can not get over the wonder of having a book delivered to me instantly. Instantly. God, how awesome is that? I have heard and understand all of the issues with Kindle and Amazon. Sure sure sure, but its so cool, isn't it? So easy.

Now, I've got a small stack of stories of varying lengths featuring Elves, Fairies, Banshees, Ogres, Leprachauns and a few odd Bogeymen lying about on my laptop. I'm working on them with an eye toward various epub houses. But then I thought, hey! I could self-pub them. Wouldn't that be cool? To pub my own books and have them available to people via instant electronic delivery? Pretty neat. I could sell them for just a dollar, design my own book covers, and just have fun with it. No worries about sales or house standards. To smex or not to smex. Just stories about the Fae.

But I'm looking at the Kindle instructions on Amazon and they have a CONTENT stipulation. As in, no so-called pornography. And I'm guessing that smex between consulting Fairies is perceived as porn by some. So, what does that mean? Is this some ugly area that I should just avoid?

Or would it be the super coolest thing evah?


  1. AM, you've got to be kidding about that content stipulation. There is porn all over the place on Amazon. They will sell anything, and I do mean anything.

    Definitely go ahead and publish to Amazon Direct Kindle publishing program. I'm doing it with nonfictions, and plan to do it with fictions. It's very easy. Here's where you can find out more:

    1. That's what I thought, but its in their publishing guidelines. I thought it looked pretty easy, too. And I'm still awed at the idea of being able to do it myself.

      I thought I'd try it out with a book I have on Smashwords. I need to design a cool new cover and re-format it, I guess. Maybe I'll rewrite some of it and re-proof read. It has racy scenes, but you know my books. I don't write anything all that pornographic.

      You are going to pub your fiction yourself? Is there anything up yet? I'd like to see it.

      Are you designing your own covers?

  2. The nonfictions are up. My first fiction is going up at the end of the month. I did very minimal covers for my nonfictions. The gorgeous cover for my upcoming fiction was done by Jordan Castillo Price.

  3. Of course, we non-Kindlers hope that you'll also post to Smashwords...

    1. Smashwords is supposed to somehow translate over to Amazon now, but there's some technical issue with my books that won't let it happen. I've gone through all kinds of craziness trying to correct it.