Monday, January 30, 2012

my digital life

At 5:30 am I am on an elyptical machine at 'Golds'. My nano is blasting a selection of workout focused music into my head while the T.V. on the elyptical shows the weather and news of the day, with a typed transcript on the bottom of the screen. So I'm listening to Beyonce while watching Newt and Romney argue. It's pitch black out side. The person on the treadmill in front of me has the finest ass I've seen in ages and there's a video screen on the wall beyond that plays a selection of music vids interspersed with diet and exercise advice.

And still I daydream. I see the second to last chapter of the book I'm working on played out in technicolor. I imagine the alternate reality in which I can sing and see myself mixing on the stage behind Beyonce. I visualize fat disappearing from my body like steam rising. And the guy next to me, who is into Wicca, tells me about manifesting magic.

The brain is amazing, infinitely powerful and the best toy ever.

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