Friday, April 30, 2010

My mascot

write flash fiction... says the vampire in my ear. you know you need to...

I'm getting an Amazon author page up and running. I'm thinking of putting little shorts there and on Goodreads.




  1. Cute mascot! I'd suggest forgetting about Goodreads (because you'd have to post the fiction for free), except for maybe a link on your Goodreads page leading to either Smashwords or Amazon kindle where you can sell your flash fiction for 0.99 or 1.00 or whatever price you'd like, going for volume sales and exposure on the Kindle best-seller list, as for example, Jordan does with her PsyCop shorts and flash-fiction. Nothing wrong with turning a profit, right?

  2. Eeeeek! A bat!!! *flees*

    Smashwords definitely. It seems both Addison Albright and JM Snyder have done pretty well getting their shorts out there, including to ARe. Maybe you could pick their brains?

  3. I'd almost forgotten the bat incident Chris. lol. Val, I was thinking about doing a series via Smashwords. Like a chapter at a time ala Dickens? Except that seem purely evil and would undoubtedly result in some kind of Karmic retribution. But the Smashwords flashfiction idea is a good one. I think I might be able to get a little info from Jordan and JM because they are MLR authors also.

    See, I knew y'all would have good ideas.