Saturday, April 24, 2010

Amber Green's 'Golden Boys'

Golden Boys Golden Boys by Amber Green

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Wonderful language and world building.

Ethan's dreamed about Jell since they were adolescents, and now he might have a chance to live a few of those fantasies, but he's got a lot of other troubles at the moment.

A derailed career, his disappointed parents, who expected a heterosexual doctor for a son, not a gay man who has flunked out of med school. An enigmatic FBI agent Uncle who wants to use Ethan's friendship with Jell for his own purposes, to name a few.

Ethan is a sincere, passionate main character whom I instantly adored. It is easy to understand what he sees in Jell, who ends up being more than just a pretty face and a hot body. The action is fast and exciting and the sex was sizzling. A great read.

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  1. She's a good writer! I enjoyed her Huntsmen novel from Loose Id. She usually has a great setting in Florida. Is that the case for this one?

  2. Yes, Florida. And as usual, the specific details are just wonderful. I don't know Florida very well (I'm thinking bugs and crocodiles mostly?) so I enjoyed those little touches.

    You are up late! Another night owl?

  3. Hmm, I haven't even heard of her! *heads off to investigate*

  4. I feel I need to qualify. I don't usually review other writers in this particular genre. It's a sticky wicket and I'm not the best reviewess. I try my hand at reviewing and discussing poetry. More an exercise in blogging than anything.

    I know Amber. As in, we talk. Not as in I know her on an intimate or we-go-to-coffee-level. This book was just launched and I felt it hadn't the trajectory you'd expect from one of her books, so I blogged it.

    Have I disclaimed sufficiently? Too much?

    Generally, I leave reviewing to those who know how to do it well.

  5. I do know what you mean. :) Yet another reason I write reviewettes rather than reviews!

  6. I'm thinking bugs and crocodiles"

    Ha, ha! Alligators, actually. And bugs, for sure. I'll have to look into picking this up. I love Florida settings right up there with Los Angeles settings.

    Night owl? I guess so, especially since I'm in a more eastern time zone than yours in California! I hadn't realized it had already got that late. :)

    Sounds like a good review to me! I'll sometimes analyze things into the ground, which can get me in trouble with the plot-spoiler-avoidant, and you're definitely not doing that.

    And, Chris, your reviewettes are harder than they look! I'm afraid I just don't have the touch. It's an art.