Sunday, April 25, 2010

My dogs.

Benton. He came from the Pasadena Humane Shelter. They tell me he was part of a pack of dogs found wandering in the hills. Theory is these dogs are bred to fight and when they are too passive, or too beta to fight, they are released to starve or make their way somehow. Benton was covered with scars and bitter when I got him. Now he's my best friend in the world. Sometimes he comes in the room and just sits there and looks at me with melty eyes like, 'oh my god, i love you so much'.

Bella. She was seen running back and forth across a four lane highway at midnight. Who would abandon a 7 pound bundle of adorableness? Benton wasn't too sure about her for awhile. After all, I was his one and only human and he didn't want to share. But nobody can resist Bella.


  1. Bella does look irresistible! And it sounds like Benton adores his alpha human. :)

  2. Oh, goodness sakes. It sounds like poor Benton got really lucky when you took him in. No wonder he looks at you melty eyes! And Bella looks like a sweetheart with a lot of personality -- maybe a chihuahua / pomeranian cross? A chi-ranian? A pom-hua-hua?

  3. Thanks Chris. I adore my beta doggie, too. Yes, Val, we think Bella is a pappillion/dachsund cross She hasn't got the chihuahua attitude. Mostly she finds the warmest human in the house and snuggles up in their lap, batting her long eyelashes at them and patting them with her tiny paw.

    We have a guest dog staying with us, too, but I haven't got pictures yet.

  4. the chihuahua attitude. Ha, ha!