Thursday, November 1, 2012


I've never done it but it seems like it might be the kick in the butt I need, so I'm going to do the NaNoWriMo on 'If Not for You' this month.

Today is my first day.  The book is 62,638 words currently, and I don't expect to publish more than 90,000 but if you knew my process you would weep for me.  This is the point in my novels where I start savagely brutalizing my story.  Cutting out characters, scenes, chapters.  For every word I write, I delete at least another word somewhere else.  So.  If I can write 50,000 and delete 20,000 I should be doing well.

I'll blog about the journey.  It will probably be boring.  Day after day of:  wrote 1200, deleted 1200, but I am going to finish this book and I'm going to be happy with it when it's done!


  1. You sound very determined! Good luck with it :D

    Have you told us readers about 'If Not for You' already and I have missed it, or are you keeping this one under wraps?

  2. I've given a little synopsis of "If Not for You" in the blog post for today. As well as my pathetic word count.