Monday, November 26, 2012


I'll update my NaNo info shortly, but right now I want to complain about the hockey lockout.

I don't have really anything interesting to add.   The man here says it all.  I spent all of the Thanksgiving Holiday trying to get as excited about Football as I do about Hockey.  It's a good thing I had family to distract me or I might have become depressed.

Stupid greedy bastards.  Don't ask me to whom I refer.  I am mad at the entire organization right now.  The owners particularly but even the players who I don't feel are as outraged and depressed as we fans.  Nobody could be as outraged and depressed as people living in Los Angeles who have Lord Stanley's Cup here for the first time and can't even throw the party for it! 

razzlefrazzleratfink as the cartoon dog used to say.

One of the things I miss the most is the comforting site where I could wander for hours, my brain on half-speed, while recovering from the food and family hangover I have today.

Instead I have to write. 

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday!

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