Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm going to call it research

I love animals of the canine persuasion. Especially square headed toothy, battlescarred dogs whose backhair goes all prickly when they growl at the man who delivers packages to my door. So some time ago I thought I might try my hand at a sort of were wolf story.

Well, a sort of were dog, weir dog? Hmm.

Anyway, I'm feeling a little better today but not 100 percent so I decided to play with it a little. And I ran into the problem with the images in my head.

Not romantic. I can't even ::shudder:: imagine finding that attractive. So I used goodreads "Genre" search function for the first time. Not only can I look for werewolf stories available as ebooks, but I can see which ones my 'friends' have enjoyed.

This is so cool.

I read Amber Green's "Bareback" today. And now I think I sort of understand how the animal thing can be sexy. Then I downloaded "With Love" by J.L. Langley.

(Kindle via Amazon is wicked. There is virtually instantaneous satisfaction. My card is auto charged and I don't even feel the blood leaving me, so to speak. Evil.)

Anyway, then I purchased Stephanie Hecht's "Primal Passions" (despite the hideous cover)

It's research!


  1. JL Langley's With or Without series is excellent. And I really love Stephani's Lost Shifters series - the covers DO get better. :)

    A couple others that are VERY different from each other are Dakota Rebel's "A Wolf in Men's Clothing" and Rick R. Reed's "Blue Moon Cafe" (that's more horror than romance).

  2. The Queer Wolf anthology is packed with werewolf stories, mostly m/m, but some f/f too. I like it because all the stories were different and looked at the shifter myth from varying perspectives.

    If you like m/f books, Bitten by Kelley Armstrong is the best werewolf shifter book I've ever read.

  3. I read "Blue moon Cafe" & liked it.
    I also like using the search function to see what others are reading.
    I'll have to check out Stephanie Hecht's "Primal Passions & TQW anthology (after DbM of course)!

  4. Thank you, Chris. I'd heard of Rick Reed's book, of course, but not of the other. I have to go take a look at it. Jenre, I had NEVER heard of the anthology and it sounds like exactly what I need. The shifter and weir mythology doesn't seem to have as many given rules as the vampire mythology. And it does seem that one can avoid that whole bones-crunching-and-snout-growing ugliness if one wants to.

    I think I have 'Bitten' on my shelves! I have to look. Someone recently gave me a stack of paranormal books and I've only begun to dig into them.

    Its wonderful what variety writers develop with these things. The way they handle m/m and f/f and het varies so much, too.

    rdafan7, I'm finding Stephanie Hecht's characters very different from mine. But then, who wants everyone to write the same thing? Not I.

  5. Belinda McBride's Blacque/Bleu is a great read and has a vampire/werewolf couple. :)

  6. YAY! I just bought my paperback copy of DbM over on Amazon, been waiting for that!
    Now I want IITS & NRFTW in paperback...:)

  7. I think it would be really cool to have Adam and Peter's books in paperback, but Loose Id only prints certain books and mine aren't in the category.

    Neat that you bought the paperback. I didn't even know it was available yet. That means I'll have copies soon! It still is a rush to see them on my bookshelf. : )

  8. I prefer paperback over ebook, I'll write LooseID and request the Adam & Peter series in paperback, can't hurt to ask (I shop there often).
    I bet it is cool to see your story sitting on the shelf! I reread your stories so often, I want them all in paperback!