Saturday, January 15, 2011

feeling gross

Do we still say 'gross' or am I showing my age?

I feel wretched and yet I can't just hang it up and go to bed. I wanted to finish a short I'm editing (film) and write quite a bit of a book I've got in the works. My head is throbbing, my eyes are burning. If I take my temp I know what I'll discover and so I'm not going to do it.

My stomach is grumbling and feels like a volcano about to blow.

Stress, germs and rock 'n roll. It'll get you every time.


  1. Ack!! Go rest so you can get better!!

  2. ~sends healing thoughts your way~

  3. I know that tea and animal crackers have no real medicinal value. And perhaps they are even bad for me right now.

    But I love animal crackers and lemon tea.

    Happy now.