Sunday, May 29, 2011

Searching for the story

So, I've got a junk drawer. I suppose everyone has one of those, but I'm a little overly organized (not OCD! Really!) And so the junk drawer is a source of great shame. But there are things that even I have no place for. Bags of safety pins. Partially used boxes of birthday candles. Batteries I'm not sure are old or new. And odd little objects that find their way there, I swear, all on their own. Like the headless Statue of Liberty magnet. Why is that there? I would have thrown it out. The three separate one year pins from Disney. A drawing compass. Yeah, no idea how that got in there and I only found it because when I was rooting around in the drawer for a chip bag clip, it stabbed me.

Stuff. Homeless interesting stuff.

Currently, I'm writing a murder mystery that is at the junk drawer stage. I just got stabbed in the virtual finger by a character. Every time I start a new book I SWEAR I'm going to do the outlines and the chapter plans and all that. And every time I end up in the junk drawer stage. What is this thing? How did it get there? Why can't I throw it away? Argh and fie...

So. That's my weekend. How's yours going?

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  1. So you aspire to be a plotter, but in reality you're a pantster?

    Mine's relaxing, if not particularly productive. :)