Friday, April 8, 2011

Kindle, Smashwords and out of print books

I have a few books that have fallen out of print in the past several years. They were written some time ago and need re-writing, re-editing and maybe a sexier cover or two. One of them has a sequel in the works.

I've published one on Smashwords, the infamous "Of the Clan O'Grady" which was originally published with Changeling Press. I have two sequels just malingering on my hard drive here. I wonder if I should publish them as Kindle books at reduced prices.

Would it be wise to publish them on Smashwords AND as Kindle on Amazon? Or is there some legal deal with that? After all, I am the publisher in both cases, am I not.

It would be satisfying to see them up and available again. In a sort of non-financial spiritual way.

But I wonder if it would be worth (now I'm talking $$$$) the considerable time it would take to dust them off, fix them up and format them.

Any opinions or requests will be duly noted and considered.


  1. Oh, don't just do Kindle!! :)

  2. I've seen a lot of readers hating on the Kindle. I've got the ap on my mac and on my droid, and I try not to think about what might happen to my books if Kindle fails or something.

    What other formats would you suggest?

  3. Well, Smashwords has a bunch of the basic stuff like epub, pdf, and (I think) mobi/prc (for the Kindle folks).

    I hate on the Kindle because my old ereader read DRM mobi and then Amazon bought mobi... My new ereader can't read that, so I have to go to extraordinary lengths to read my old books that had DRM.

    Hate DRM. Hate all the different formats.

    I'll stop fussing now. :)

  4. I hate the principal of all the different formats because it's all about greed. I like the speed and slickness of Kindle because I'm a book pig. Can't get enough of the darned things and I want them at 3 a.m. and I want them instantaneously.