Monday, April 18, 2011


We see all the statistics about crime going up during a full moon. And hear about unbalanced people becoming more unbalanced and animals getting a little wacky. So I guess I should be grateful that my luna only results in ghastly insomnia.

I'm not even a little sleepy. The dogs are asleep. All the lights in the neighborhood, except of course the street lights and those on the freeway nearby (this IS Los Angeles) are dark. Even the weirdo who lives in the building behind mine. Who stands out in the driveway sometimes at 2 a.m yelling things like, "where are my pants?" and "well I can't find my keys. They're in my pants. hee hee". Even he's asleep. Or passed out in a gutter.

But I'm wide awake. Like a cartoon of awake. Eyes wide open, bloodshot, craaaazy looking.

A long time ago my girlfriend said I must be a werewolf.



  1. Nothing worse than being wide awake in the middle of the night, when you know everyone else is fast asleep. It's no comfort to realize it happens to everyone now and then.
    also never fails that by the time I'm ready to fall asleep, the alarm is about to go off...:)

  2. "by the time I'm ready to fall asleep, the alarm is about to go off."

    Yes! This always happens to me, too! Though I've noticed that moonset seems to do the trick a lot of the time. Maybe its just that big glowie light out there in the sky that keeps my brain spinning and my 'sleepy' nerves turned off.