Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Son of a Gun now available from Loose id

A re-edited, re-formatted 'Son of a Gun' is now available from Loose id here.  There's a little bit more added to the ending as well.  And check out the pretty new cover.  There will be a contest in the next week to win a free ebook version, for those of you who may have bought the original, but are still interested in reading this one.  I wanted to give you a chance to own it without having to pay for it.

More info will follow shortly.  Meanwhile, huzzah for release day!


  1. Congrats! Very exciting! And a great new cover! I'm going to buy mine today just because I ADORE Agent Evans & Stefan, I also own the paperback but look forward to the new bits added. And if I may be so bold as to add that I hope the sequel - coming out soon (hopefully)- will continue as a series for fans ??!!

  2. Sequel has a beginning and an end and the middle actually seems to be shaping up with less blood sweat and tears than I usually encounter. (for me... Stefan needs to suffer)

    Can't give you release dates, though. So many factors affect that.

  3. Sounds good...and the angsty reader in me also wants to see Stefan suffer...which also means Dale gets to suffer as a by-product? HMMM...

  4. Just read this one last night and I loved it! I was coming to see if there really would be a sequel and it looks like yes, so now i shall wait patiently :-)

    Thanks for the great book!