Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Son of a Gun re-release through Loose id

A newly edited Son of a Gun will be released by Loose Id next month.  There have been a few tweaks and a bit of a longer ending (only a bit!)  There will be a sequel this year as I found it hard to let Stefan off that easily.


  1. Just saw this on the Coming Soon page at Loose ID so thought I'd check out your blog. So happy to see that you have plans for a sequel. I really enjoyed Son of a Gun and definitely wanted more of Stefan's story. I'm from Texas and my aunt used to live in Boerne, so I always thought it was pretty cool that the story took place there. :)

  2. Very excited about the re-release (with a longer ending) and the sequel, SOAG is one of my favorite reads (and rereads)...

  3. So happy to hear of the rerelease and sequel...I really enjoyed SOAG!