Friday, October 21, 2011

still sick

I thought I was getting over it, but last night was all fever and dreams about wolves and dragons. Today, I'm too weak to walk downstairs.

I'm working on Elf stories this week. I have three and in each, the nature of the elves is slightly different. I wonder what you all think of Elves. Are they good? Evil? Neither? Are they the souls of the dead who pay tithe to the devil or just the 'little people' from the 'old race' forced underground by modern technology?

With a fever and the weird tilt it puts on everything, I think elves are a little naughty and little bored and love the taste of burnt sugar. What do you think?


  1. I hope you're feeling better by now...

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon! Stefan needs you!!!!!

    As for Elves, i think they are mischievious and very naughty, but would band together to do the right thing if a situation occured where their help was needed.