Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Roman has a brain tumor

I don't follow the AWZ episodes religiously. I tune in about once a month or so, for a little eye candy and to beef up my German.

Roman has a brain tumor? A FATAL brain tumor? I can't stand it. I really really can't. (if you don't know what or who I am talking about don't worry. That just means you are a little more sane than I am.)

Nooooooo! Deniz' heartbreak is breaking my heart. Damn this show!

Somebody tell me it's going to be okay. There will be a miracle.



  1. I was not familiar with AWZ so checked it out on you-tube, looks interesting, but I'm confused because in some scenes the gay men are with women??

    On a more important note... I'm DESPERATE to find out when we will next see Stefan and his secret Service agent Evans...???

  2. Hey there. Stefan is waiting for me to finish a spec fic for Blind Eye Books and the final edits on the second in my 'Goldilocks' series for Loose id.

    I'm getting a little desperate about him, too. Its been too long without his snark.

    Thank you.

  3. When will your fic be out at BEB? Whats it about?
    Looking forward to the next "Goldilocks" installment!

    And I do love Stefans snark, he is such fun and I'm anxious to see what he puts everyone thru this time,esp Agent Evans :)