Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mule by Shane McCrae

MuleMule by Shane McCrae

I think this book came up on Carol Guess' blog. Since I really enjoy her style, I bought it on faith.

What a nice surprise.

It reads a little like an echo, both the way it is written:

As we divorced Nicolas rode

Internal horses /And watching him

from the bench at the edge of the park/In wildflowers

him in wildflowers him in fileds/Of wildflowers him in fields on playgrounds which

Blossom from the ground

Must be covered over with foram with bark

It was and was possible

To love him just enough to sit there watch-/ing not enough for us to stay togehter

Not more enough than us

And the subject matter is seen as snatches of memories.

The author describes his divorce and he and his wife's emotional state about their autistic son.

I'm usually old school with my poetry, 20th century lyrical poets with a modern twist are to my taste, but this is a lovely little book that I highly recommend.

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