Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Death by Misfortune's first review!

Auntie Lynn, at Reviews by Jessewave, gave 'Death by Misfortune' five stars here.

Very nice of her and she did a thorough job reviewing a complex book so I'm very grateful.

I have four books simmering on the burners right now, the sequel to DbM being on 'low'. They are:

Sequel to "Son of a Gun" called "The Unmapped Country"
Sequel to "Death by Misfortune" called "I Dead Things"
Another Adam-the-vampire book called "Till Death Us Do Part" (this one is not even simmering at the moment, it's going to be a while)
And a new one called "If Not for You". Which I keep thinking I'm going to finish by the end of the month... and then something happens at work and I revise that thought.

My question is which would you rather see first? The 'Son of a Gun' sequel or the 'Death by Misfortune' sequel. Keeping in mind that my writing schedule looks like its been through a blender...


  1. What are the other two books?! :D

    Congrats! I just added the review to the contest post for tomorrow.

  2. ? The new one will be done 'soonish'. Hah. I say that and then somebody throws me a curve at work and then I wake up and it's December. But "If Not for You" will be finished and then I am either going to jump on the Unmapped Country or I Dead Things. I swear I'm going to regret that title soon. The Heart icon is a b**ch to insert online.

  3. Congratulations on the new book and awesome review!

    It's veeery difficult to decide (think about choosing between chocolate chip cookie and strawberry cake XD), since I love both books. But, I kind of lean towards I ♥ Dead Things, just because I want more Bill and Christopher. I wouldn't be disappointed to get more Stefan and his Special Agent, though. Or Adam and Peter. Or... you get the picture. ^^

  4. How did you get that little heart icon in there? I'm so impressed.

    I have a nasty habit of going towards the book that is the most 'done'. But then I rewrite the heck out of it anyway.

    I've had Bill on my mind a lot lately. And I went on a ride-along in Las Vegas to research the book. The fact that I have to go to LV to do research is a big fat X in the plus box. : )

  5. I'd like to vote for the Unmapped Country, I guess because of the way Son of a Gun finished on. Love that title, BTW.

    But I would be VERY happy with more Bill and Christopher too :D

  6. Late to the post but hope you have a Happy New Year!
    I absolutely love Adam & Peter and the first 2 stories so would like to see the 3rd soon...but am just now reading my paperback version of "Son of a Gun" and love Stefan so I want a sequel there also... a tie I guess...DbM is next on my list, and yes, a great review at Jessewave, congrats! I'm just happy to hear you are working on sequels to my favorites!

  7. OK, I just finished "Son of a Gun" - LOVED IT & left a review on amazon - now I want that 1st for a sequel.....:)

  8. LOL, it sounds like you are going through what I go through when I open my laptop and start writing. Son of a Gun is waiting for a trip to Big Sur to finish (research!). But I definitely want to see that one done soon, also.

    "If Not for You" -- now I'm responding to your comment above -- is in the beginning throes, so I'm afraid it will be awhile. I'm still trying to flesh out my sheriff and his motivations.

  9. Big Sur! I'm jealous (tired of MI winter) but if it brings the sequel closer to me, sounds great!

  10. Is MI Michigan or Minnesota? Big Sur in January is wet muddy and cold. Not so cool. Though compared to a northern midwest winter, still very tepid, I suppose.

  11. MI is Michigan. MN is Minnesota. Which is also deeply buried in snow (record breaking) and we are so tired of winter...

  12. Yes,very tired of winter and anyplace in CA sounds good right now.....any idea when "Death by Misfortune" will be out in paperback?